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com::pixelmed::network::GetSOPClassSCU Class Reference

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Detailed Description

This class implements the SCU role of C-GET SOP Classes.

The class has no methods other than the constructor (and a main method for testing). The constructor establishes an association, sends the C-GET request, and releases the association. Any identifiers received are handled by the supplied IdentifierHandler. Any objects received are handled by the supplied ReceivedObjectHandler.

Note the need to supply a list of supported Storage SOP Classes to be negotiated during association establishment - if the list is known a priori it should be supplied, otherwise a list of all known SOP Classes can be supplied; however, since the latter is rather large it can easily exceed the maximum number of presentation contexts allowed by the standard (128), hence considerable control is provided over the number of transfer syntaxes proposed, should it be necessary; when in doubt allow the SCP to choose from a list of multiple transfer syntaxes for each abstract syntax which consumes only a single presentation context.

Debugging messages with a varying degree of verbosity can be activated.

The main method is also useful in its own right as a command-line utility, which will store requested files in a specified directory.

For example, to have GETSCU command GETSCP to get a single image instance of unknown SOP Class to GETSCU using the transfer syntax of the SCP's choice:

try {
    AttributeList identifier = new AttributeList();
    { AttributeTag t = TagFromName.QueryRetrieveLevel; Attribute a = new CodeStringAttribute(t); a.addValue("IMAGE"); identifier.put(t,a); }
    { AttributeTag t = TagFromName.StudyInstanceUID; Attribute a = new UniqueIdentifierAttribute(t); a.addValue(""); identifier.put(t,a); }
    { AttributeTag t = TagFromName.SeriesInstanceUID; Attribute a = new UniqueIdentifierAttribute(t); a.addValue(""); identifier.put(t,a); }
    { AttributeTag t = TagFromName.SOPInstanceUID; Attribute a = new UniqueIdentifierAttribute(t); a.addValue(""); identifier.put(t,a); }
    new GetSOPClassSCU("theirhost","104","GETSCP","GETSCU",SOPClass.StudyRootQueryRetrieveInformationModelGet,identifier,new IdentifierHandler(),"/tmp",new OurReceivedObjectHandler(),SOPClass.getSetOfStorageSOPClasses(),true,false,false,1);
catch (Exception e) {

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Definition at line 67 of file GetSOPClassSCU.java.

Public Member Functions

 GetSOPClassSCU (String hostname, int port, String calledAETitle, String callingAETitle, String affectedSOPClass, AttributeList identifier, IdentifierHandler identifierHandler, File savedImagesFolder, ReceivedObjectHandler receivedObjectHandler, Set setOfStorageSOPClasses, boolean theirChoice, boolean ourChoice, boolean asEncoded, int debugLevel) throws DicomNetworkException, DicomException, IOException

Static Public Member Functions

static final Set getSetOfStorageSOPClasses ()
static final boolean isCompositeInstanceQuery (String sopClassUID)
static final boolean isCompositeInstanceRetrieve (String sopClassUID)
static final boolean isCompositeInstanceRetrieveWithGet (String sopClassUID)
static final boolean isCompositeInstanceRetrieveWithMove (String sopClassUID)
static final boolean isDirectory (String sopClassUID)
static final boolean isEncapsulatedDocument (String sopClassUID)
static final boolean isImageStorage (String sopClassUID)
static final boolean isKeyObjectSelectionDocument (String sopClassUID)
static final boolean isMiscellaneousCompositeNonImageStorage (String sopClassUID)
static final boolean isMiscellaneousNonCompositeStorage (String sopClassUID)
static final boolean isMultiframeSecondaryCaptureImageStorage (String sopClassUID)
static final boolean isNonImageStorage (String sopClassUID)
static final boolean isOphthalmicRefractiveMeasurementStorage (String sopClassUID)
static final boolean isPatientRootCompositeInstanceQuery (String sopClassUID)
static final boolean isPatientRootCompositeInstanceRetrieve (String sopClassUID)
static final boolean isPatientRootCompositeInstanceRetrieveWithGet (String sopClassUID)
static final boolean isPatientRootCompositeInstanceRetrieveWithMove (String sopClassUID)
static final boolean isPatientStudyOnlyCompositeInstanceQuery (String sopClassUID)
static final boolean isPatientStudyOnlyCompositeInstanceRetrieve (String sopClassUID)
static final boolean isPatientStudyOnlyCompositeInstanceRetrieveWithGet (String sopClassUID)
static final boolean isPatientStudyOnlyCompositeInstanceRetrieveWithMove (String sopClassUID)
static final boolean isPresentationState (String sopClassUID)
static final boolean isPrivateImageStorage (String sopClassUID)
static final boolean isPrivateNonImageStorage (String sopClassUID)
static final boolean isRadiotherapy (String sopClassUID)
static final boolean isRawData (String sopClassUID)
static final boolean isSecondaryCaptureImageStorage (String sopClassUID)
static final boolean isSpectroscopy (String sopClassUID)
static final boolean isStandalone (String sopClassUID)
static final boolean isStandardImageStorage (String sopClassUID)
static final boolean isStructuredReport (String sopClassUID)
static final boolean isStudyRootCompositeInstanceQuery (String sopClassUID)
static final boolean isStudyRootCompositeInstanceRetrieve (String sopClassUID)
static final boolean isStudyRootCompositeInstanceRetrieveWithGet (String sopClassUID)
static final boolean isStudyRootCompositeInstanceRetrieveWithMove (String sopClassUID)
static final boolean isVerification (String sopClassUID)
static final boolean isWaveform (String sopClassUID)
static void main (String arg[])

Static Public Attributes

static final String AmbulatoryECGStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String[] arrayOfQuerySOPClasses
static final String[] arrayOfRetrieveWithGetSOPClasses
static final String[] arrayOfRetrieveWithMoveSOPClasses
static final String[] arrayOfStorageSOPClasses
static final String ArterialPulseWaveformStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String AutorefractionMeasurementsStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String BasicStructuredDisplayStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String BasicTextSRStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String BasicVoiceStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String BlendingSoftcopyPresentationStateStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String BreastTomosynthesisImageStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String CardiacElectrophysiologyWaveformStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String ChestCADSRStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String ColorPaletteInformationModelFind = "1.2.840.10008.39.2"
static final String ColorPaletteInformationModelGet = "1.2.840.10008.39.4"
static final String ColorPaletteInformationModelMove = "1.2.840.10008.39.3"
static final String ColorPaletteStorage = "1.2.840.10008.39.1"
static final String ColorSoftcopyPresentationStateStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String ComprehensiveSRStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String ComputedRadiographyImageStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String CTImageStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String DeformableSpatialRegistrationStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String DigitalIntraoralXRayImageStorageForPresentation = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String DigitalIntraoralXRayImageStorageForProcessing = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String DigitalMammographyXRayImageStorageForPresentation = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String DigitalMammographyXRayImageStorageForProcessing = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String DigitalXRayImageStorageForPresentation = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String DigitalXRayImageStorageForProcessing = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String EncapsulatedCDAStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String EncapsulatedPDFStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String EnhancedCTImageStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String EnhancedMRColorImageStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String EnhancedMRImageStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String EnhancedPETImageStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String EnhancedSRStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String EnhancedUSVolumeStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String EnhancedXAImageStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String EnhancedXRFImageStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String GeneralAudioWaveformStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String GeneralECGStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String GrayscaleSoftcopyPresentationStateStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String HemodynamicWaveformStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String KeratometryMeasurementsStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String KeyObjectSelectionDocumentStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String LensometryMeasurementsStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String MammographyCADSRStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String MediaStorageDirectoryStorage = "1.2.840.10008.1.3.10"
static final String MRImageStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String MRSpectroscopyStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String MultiframeGrayscaleByteSecondaryCaptureImageStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String MultiframeGrayscaleWordSecondaryCaptureImageStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String MultiframeSingleBitSecondaryCaptureImageStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String MultiframeTrueColorSecondaryCaptureImageStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String NuclearMedicineImageStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String NuclearMedicineImageStorageRetired = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String OphthalmicPhotography16BitImageStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String OphthalmicPhotography8BitImageStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String OphthalmicTomographyImageStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String PatientRootQueryRetrieveInformationModelFind = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String PatientRootQueryRetrieveInformationModelGet = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String PatientRootQueryRetrieveInformationModelMove = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String PatientStudyOnlyQueryRetrieveInformationModelFind = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String PatientStudyOnlyQueryRetrieveInformationModelGet = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String PatientStudyOnlyQueryRetrieveInformationModelMove = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String PETImageStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String PrivateFujiCRImageStorage = "1.2.392.200036.9125.1.1.2"
static final String PrivateGE3DModelStorage = "1.2.840.113619.4.26"
static final String PrivateGEPETRawDataStorage = "1.2.840.113619.4.30"
static final String PrivateSiemensCSANonImageStorage = ""
static final String ProcedureLogStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String PseudoColorSoftcopyPresentationStateStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String RawDataStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String RealWorldValueMappingStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String RespiratoryWaveformStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String RTBeamsTreatmentRecordStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String RTBrachyTreatmentRecordStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String RTDoseStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String RTImageStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String RTIonBeamsTreatmentRecordStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String RTIonPlanStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String RTPlanStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String RTStructureSetStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String RTTreatmentSummaryRecordStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String SecondaryCaptureImageStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String SegmentationStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String SpatialFiducialsStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String SpatialRegistrationStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String SpectaclePrescriptionReportsStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String StandaloneCurveStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String StandaloneModalityLUTStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String StandaloneOverlayStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String StandalonePETCurveStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String StandaloneVOILUTStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String StereometricRelationshipStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String StudyRootQueryRetrieveInformationModelFind = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String StudyRootQueryRetrieveInformationModelGet = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String StudyRootQueryRetrieveInformationModelMove = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String SubjectiveRefractionMeasurementsStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String SurfaceSegmentationStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String TwelveLeadECGStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String UltrasoundImageStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String UltrasoundImageStorageRetired = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String UltrasoundMultiframeImageStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String UltrasoundMultiframeImageStorageRetired = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String Verification = "1.2.840.10008.1.1"
static final String VideoEndoscopicImageStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String VideoMicroscopicImageStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String VideoPhotographicImageStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String VisibleLightDraftImageStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String VisibleLightEndoscopicImageStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String VisibleLightMicroscopicImageStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String VisibleLightMultiFrameDraftImageStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String VisibleLightPhotographicImageStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String VisibleLightSlideCoordinatesMicroscopicImageStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String VisualAcuityMeasurements = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String XAXRFGrayscaleSoftcopyPresentationStateStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String XRay3DAngiographicImageStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String XRay3DCraniofacialImageStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String XRayAngiographicBiplaneImageStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String XRayAngiographicImageStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String XRayRadiationDoseSRStorage = "1.2.840.10008."
static final String XRayRadioFlouroscopicImageStorage = "1.2.840.10008."

Private Member Functions

final void doGet (String arg[])

Private Attributes

int debugLevel

Static Private Attributes

static final String identString = "@(#) $Header: /userland/cvs/pixelmed/imgbook/com/pixelmed/network/GetSOPClassSCU.java,v 1.7 2006/05/17 16:51:57 dclunie Exp $"


class  CGetResponseOrCStoreRequestHandler
class  OurReceivedObjectHandler

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